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Advantages of Using Green Machine Mulching Services in Brisbane:

  • Our team consists of highly trained professional gardeners, all fully vetted and insured.
  • We give you back your weekends, to do the things you want to do.
  • We offer high quality services at competitive rates for lawn mowing and edging services.
  • We provide friendly advice on all garden-related matters and give obligation free quotes.

Why Do You Need a Professional Garden Maintenance Team?

When providing you with mulching services in Brisbane, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality services at competitive rates.

When you see a well-tended garden, you feel refreshed and at peace. The reason for this contented feeling is the green grass and bright coloured flowers. However, to achieve that green garden look, some work is required. One of the best ways to help your garden to look healthy and green is giving it a good mulching compound.

Early spring is the best time to mulch your garden in Brisbane. It is perfect preparation for the summer, gives the mulch time to settle and the fertilizer time to permeate the soil.

Mulches are a layer of protective material that is placed around your plants and shrubs. They can be organic mulches or inorganic mulches. We can advise you on the type of mulching that will suit your garden.

We care for the environment and your family’s health and wellbeing. Green Machine continually researches, trials and implements new technologies which are shown to assist us to deliver more sustainable results, enhance the service we provide to our clients, optimize our performance and reduce the impact we have on the environment. So we can provide you with the best garden maintenance services in Brisbane.

We know coming home to a well- kept garden after a day of hard work can be a huge relief, allowing you to spend your free time doing the things you actually enjoy. Our total garden maintenance packages, will not only give you time to relax, but also improve the look of your property and increase its value.

Gardens which are professionally maintained on regular basis are healthier and more attractive. A professionally maintained garden has plants that are lusher, thicker and have deeper roots, making them durable and better equipped to combat weeds, insects and diseases.

How We Care For Your Garden?

We encourage all our garden clients to allow us to mulch their gardens on a regular basis, normally twice per year depending on the type and quality of the mulch you choose. Mulch is the ultimate low-maintenance gardening hero. If well spread over the soil around your planting, it will hinder weed growth and prevent the soil from drying out too quickly. It also helps keep the soil cool in summer and insulates the ground in winter. Your plants will love you for it!

Organic Mulches: Organic mulches are very similar in effect to pine needles and leaves that fall to the ground in forests. As organic mulches are of plant matter, they decompose over a period of time. This decomposed mulch helps to keep the soil moist and the plant roots cool, while keeping nutrients locked in.

We do not recommend inorganic mulches like crushed stone, gravel and volcanic rock, as they have a tendency to work their way into the soil. When this happens, you will have a bit of trouble getting them out when you need to do some digging.