Our History

Green Machine History

Green Machine Mowing and Property Maintenance commenced operations in January of 2009, as a family owned and operated business, focusing on providing the highest standards of quality and value for money to residential customers.

The owners quickly learnt the value of separating the operational, administrative and customer service aspects of the business and these lessons have been central to its success over the years.

At Green Machine the person who owns the business, runs the business and with the support of senior staff maintains the relationship with the customer and the quality of service. Accordingly we embody our service philosophy in a simple phrase: treat the job site as though it is your own. From an employee’s first interview, to their induction and training, right through to their actions on the site this message is constantly reinforced to ensure pride in the job site is reflected in the quality of work and customer service produced.

Our goal is to build positive relationships with customers who share our vision of maintaining the highest standards of quality and value for money. In keeping with this strategy we avoid projects where the focus is based purely on the cheapest possible price and focus our energies on projects which suit our strengths and require the highest possible standards of quality and value for money.

Green Machine quickly expanded its operations to include the commercial market and consistently built its commercial customer base and the size of the projects it has undertaken. This expansion has always been measured to ensure we can maintain our service quality and customer service standard’s as we believe these will always be central to our success regardless of the size of the projects we undertake.