Our People

  • Green Machine’s mission is to extract the very best from our team. We work hard to create an environment in which all members of our team feel supported and encouraged, so they are willing and able to contribute to the company’s continual growth and success. Our team enjoy a work environment where they know they are valued and their thoughts and ideas are respected, acknowledged and trusted.

    At Green Machine we provide our team with an environment which allows them the ability to explore the opportunities available to them so they may find their passion and realise their full potential, utilizing all their abilities and strengths.

    Green Machine values further education and personal growth, we realise our team are our greatest asset and we are always encouraging them to continually learn new skills both personally and professionally. Since our establishment Green Machine has been diligent in developing its administrative systems and procedures to ensure it keeps pace with the increasingly complicated OH&S, compliance and operational requirements of the industry.

    Our Business Development Manager (BDM) is dedicated to researching and writing all of our policies and procedures and ensuring we are always OH&S compliant. The BDM is also responsible for conducting our staff induction process and also regular training seminars. Our Director of Operations (DOO) is the link between our BDM, administrative staff, customers and our service teams. The DOO’s role includes performing quality checks of sites, ensuring services are being performed to the expected quality and also makes sure all team members are complying with OH&S requirements on a daily basis.

    Recently our growth has enabled us to establish our own fully operational workshop which services our equipment ‘in house’ to ensure we are not dependent on external suppliers to maintain our operational efficiency and to minimise down time. Green Machine has developed relationships with other leaders and suppliers in the industry who share our vision and can undertake specialised tasks when we require additional skill sets on certain projects.

  • The management team of Green Machine, firmly believe the people we employ have the biggest impact on our business and have a direct impact on the success of our operational performance. “You only get one chance at a first impression.” The service quality our team members deliver to you, the client, is what you will base your entire impression of our company on. Therefore, Green Machine operations team members are committed to exceeding client expectations. They are fully qualified and experienced professionals who have a clear understanding of the environment they operate in and the quality standards expected of them.

    All Green Machine operations teams are fully equipped with industry-best equipment so they can provide our clients with the most reliable and efficient service possible. All teams follow strict maintenance programs that are developed by our in house service and maintenance team ensuring consistent service delivery for our clients.

  • Green Machine’s management team have worked in various industries and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their roles which when combined with industry-best equipment, a fully integrated quality, safety and environmental systems is the foundation for the successful growth of our company.

    Green Machine’s supervisors are hired for their diverse range of knowledge and experience, this in conjunction with their hands-on horticultural experience, gives us a strong basis for providing exceptional service delivery of a superior quality.