Quality Assurance:

Quality Lawn Mowing

The delivery of a high quality service is expected by our clients. Quality is the delivery of service that meets or exceeds the client specification. The client specification (or contract) defines the level of expectation the client requires in exchange for the monetary payment.

Even with the best intentions, quality does not just occur naturally, it is the by-product of dedication, focus, strong systems and internal controls methods.
The Methodology developed and employed by Green Machine embodies a Quality Assurance process to ensure all contracts have a service management plan incorporating a quality assurance plan.

Our Crew Leader inspects the site after having completed the work, and ensures all specifications are met to the appropriate standard before moving on to the next item on the Job Sheet. Furthermore, our Director of Operations provides a quality review on the work performed on a regular basis. If any anomaly is identified, we organise for the team to re-visit the item and complete the work to the expected level.

We additionally ensure the incident is discussed fully with the team, so the same incident does not reoccur in the future. Any required update to our policies and procedures is completed by our Business Development Manager. We dismiss any staff member that disobeys instructions after having been provided with both training and quality warnings.

Everything we learn from experience with different client contracts is then reverse engineered into our processes. This ensures as a company we do not experience the same issues twice. We feel this is the mark of a responsible and service-oriented organisation. It is this thorough approach to Quality Control that allows Green Machine to consistently deliver high quality services to our clients.

Green Machine’s Director of Operations is available during business hours, and in emergencies, outside of business hours, to address contractual requirements; and is available to address any concerns or queries. In the event of a reported quality anomaly, the Director of Operations will inspect the site to investigate the concern, and then complete the same procedure, described above, for ensuring the site is maintained to standard and staff are adequately informed, trained and/or warned.