Summer Newsletter 2015

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Image of a girl walking in the rain

3 things you must do to prepare your yard for storm season!

At this time of year it is really important to make sure your property is ready for the storm season ahead. Here are some basic things you can do to make sure your property will be as safe and secure as it can be when another big storm hits.

  1. Cut back all branches close to or over hanging your property.

If you did not have time for a spring garden clean, now is the time to get in and give all the trees a good cut back. Make sure you remove all branches that are close to your home or are overhanging your gutters or roof. Also, have a look around and remove any branches that may be above fences or overhanging the driveway.

  1. Clean Your Gutters

It’s time to get out and give your gutters a good clean out. Gutters are designed to be free-flowing, quickly taking rainwater from the roof of your home to storm water drains.  If your gutters are clogged or blocked, during heavy storms, water can back up under your tiles or metal sheeting and flood your roof cavity, causing extensive damage to your plasterboard ceilings, light fittings and furniture. Even in minor storms, water can repeatedly seep under your roofline, and over time, that results in rotting your wooden fascia and beams.

  1. Identify loose objects in your yard

It’s really important to identify loose objects in your yard and secure them appropriately! Loose palings on the fence or sheets of tin on the shed can become detached in high winds and turn in to missiles in a storm. Make sure you have a good check around your property and perform all those little maintenance tasks so everything is secure and sturdy. Take any rubbish, branches, old building materials etc. to the tip so these cannot blow around the yard and become a safety hazard.

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