• Upon commencement, all employees complete an induction where WH & S policies and legislation is clearly explained. Employees are issued with Green Machine policies & procedures at induction prior to any site work commencing. Records of inductions, subsequent annual acknowledgments reinforcing & reviewing all Green Machine policies & procedures and professional development are maintained and managed at Head office.

    All staff are subjected to Green Machine Induction process but also because we are a contractor for University of Queensland, all our staff must also attend their full day induction course and must pass competency tests to continue employment.

  • Green Machine run monthly training days and subjects covered in the past have included but are not limited to: Manual Handling practices & awareness training; Safe work procedures for new mower, sun awareness, MSDS’ review, storage, use, disposal and emergency procedures for chemicals, Safe lifting and handling of heavy objects, identification of and procedures for Asbestos.
  • If successful, before commencement of this contract, a full induction plan and service delivery process will be written by the Business Manager and in conjunction with the Operations Manager, delivered to all staff. Records of this process will be made available to QBuild Management.
  • Green Machine invests significant time and energy into the recruitment of staff who not only have the appropriate attitude and work ethic but are suitably qualified (minimum of Horticulture Cert II or equivalent) to contribute to our service vision.
    We encourage and support any staff wishing to complete higher training eg: Horticulture Degree, by providing, financial assistance and extra leave benefits.