University of QLD Residential Properties

  • The University of Queensland Management program provided by Green Machine includes mowing of all turf areas, fertilising, gardening, weed and litter control, mulching garden beds and maintaining the visual appeal of the properties. Green Machine also monitor the houses and grounds and report any issues to UQ management. All services must be carried out without impacting on the students and staff and must be carried out in the safest, most efficient manner.
  • Once selected, Green Machine, applied their knowledge and expertise in an effort to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of our service delivery program. Through consultation with UQ management, Green Machine developed a maintenance program which allowed the provision of quality grounds maintenance all year round.
  • The challenge of maintaining a busy, high profile environment whilst not impacting on staff and students, has required a delicate approach. It takes a dedicated team, who are quality focused and flexible in their delivery of services, to be able to manage an environment as fast paced and sensitive as the University environment. All staff working in this environment must have “working with children” blue cards and must undergo a university OH&S induction course.
  • Green Machine strives to provide grounds that are exceptionally maintained, environmentally sustainable and visually pleasing. Through dedication, commitment and a focus on continual improvement, Green Machine has maintained and enhanced the UQ properties for over 3 years, forming a strong working relationship with UQ management.



The Project:

Green Machine was awarded the contract to maintain the University of Queensland Houses which surround the University’s main campus at St Lucia. As these properties surround the main campus they must be maintained to a very high standard and be visually appealing to compliment the area and the campus grounds.