Vision and Values

Green Machine Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as industry leaders, delivering innovative professional and honest services in Lawn and Garden Care, Building Management and Project Management Services.

Our mission in achieving our vision is:
1. Always maintain a clear purpose, direction and strategy
2. Continually train and develop our staff so they can achieve their best
3. Continually evolve our superior work procedures and systems
4. Ensure a culture of continuous improvement is ingrained into our core
5. Always ensure what is best for our clients, is our number one focus.

Our key values are:
1. We will always operate with professionalism and integrity
2. We will aim to exceed our customer’s expectations before anything else; they are our reason for existing and we do everything to meet their needs
3. Our people are our most important asset. We always recruit the best people and will continually invest in their future
4. Safety is critical. We will make sure all our work is completed in the safest possible way, at all times
5. Sustainability is essential. We will accomplish all activities with protecting the environment as a key focus and we will continually develop and research changes in products, methods and service delivery that will continue to protect and enhance the environment for all our customers today and into the future.